Our projects

Calculation reports and structural design for reinforced concrete, steel, composite, masonry, timber and aluminum structures. 

  • Residential buildings, offices, commercial buildings and malls. Buildings of reinforced concrete, steel, composite, masonry and timber.

  • Design of new structures, reinforcement of old and existing structures. Seismic assessment, retrofitting and extension of existing projects.

Structural design of masonry (brick wall or stone) existing and new structures. Design of timber roofs, timber floors and structures.

  • Industrial and energy projects. Warehouses, new product lines, steel structures and steel buildings including moving cranes, industrial mezzanines and offices.

  • Special structures. Silos, tanks, moving and lifting cranes, pedestrial bridges, special connections design, industrial filters, chimneys, lifting machineries, canopies and others. Special architectural structures, façade of buildings and architectural renovations.

  • Photovoltaics’ base supports. Steel and aluminum bases. Aluminum design of new custom profiles and their connections. One or two axes moving solar bases.

  • Seismic assessment, retrofitting and renovation according to ΕΝ1998-3. Seismic reinforcement.

  • Infrastructure, tourism and services structures. 

Design and consultancy of international projects.