• Calculation reports and structural design for reinforced concrete, steel, composite, masonry, timber and aluminum structures according to the Eurocodes ΕΝ1990, ΕΝ1991, ΕΝ1992, ΕΝ1993, ΕΝ1994, ΕΝ1995, ΕΝ1996, ΕΝ1997, ΕΝ1998, ΕΝ1999 and other international design codes and regulations.
  • Preliminary design, cost analysis design, design for the permission of the authorities. Design of details and joints. Structural design in 3D. Shop drawings.
  • Design for the project’s permissions, surveying, as built drawings, valuations, seismic assessment and retrofitting of existing structures and permission edit for existing structures.
  • Structural engineering consulting.
  • Project management.
  • Check and approval for existing design and calculation reports.
  • Direct collaboration with construction companies for economic and safe design.